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The impulse buy, the momentary satisfier, the killer of budgets. If untamed the impulse buy can be a vicious wallet monster. We all know it can be difficult to resist buying impulsively no matter how good you are at living frugally.

You have been there before, just minding your own business when BOOM, out of nowhere an advertisement of your favorite restaurant reaches your eyes. Suddenly… your hungry, and you just have to get your 3 quesadillas and 4 hard tacos… and a burrito.

Fear not! These 6 ways to save money and stop impulse buying will defend you from that little money sucking demon living in us all.

1. Pay With Cash

By using cash you can see exactly how much you are spending, there is a big psychological difference between watching your money actually leave your hands, and swiping a plastic card.

It may seem odd and difficult paying with cash in this day and age, but this is one of the best ways to save money and stop impulse buying.

2. Shopping Lists

Making a list before you go shopping is critical for combating impulse buys.

If you can make it a habit of sticking to the list, you will begin to eliminate a lot of those little impulse purchases.

The list helps you stay focused on the items that matter other than looking around the entire store. Looking around only increases your chances of impulse buying.

3. Don’t Go Grocery Shopping While Hungry

Going grocery shopping while you are hungry could greatly increase your chances of making an impulse purchase.

If you shop for groceries while hungry you will almost always end up buying items you don’t need to satisfy an immediate craving.

Combine this with tip number 2, and your chances of impulse buying while grocery shopping will decrease dramatically.

 4. Do Your Homework

Just discovered a product that you must have? Do your homework first before impulsively buying it.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself before purchasing:

  • Is the product really right for you?
  • Will it add value or save you time?
  • Is it worth the price they are asking for it?
  • What are people saying about the product?

It is also important to note that you should look for the item on eBay before paying top dollar at the store. Most of the time you could find the same item in great condition for half the price.

5. Don’t Shop While Being Upset

Call a friend, call your mom, vent about it! Do whatever you have to do, just don’t shop to cheer yourself up after a bad day.

Impulse buying when you are upset only makes you feel better temporarily, but it definitely does not solve your problems.

If anything shopping therapy only makes you more depressed, that $50 bottle of wine won’t look as appealing the next morning, trust me.

6. Know Your Goals

You have to know what you want to do with your money, and what milestones you want to accomplish in your life. Know that when you are saving, you are saving for something bigger, something better.

Know what your goals are and stick to them, stay focused on them, whether it is to fulfill your life’s passion, or to get that new shiny car you have always dreamed of.

Remember the bigger picture every time you feel tempted to make an impulse purchase, ask yourself “will this take away from my personal or financial goals I have set for myself?” This should make you less likely to make an impulse buy.


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